What Akita Nairiku Line passengers should know-10 tips to make your trip fully enjoyable

  • 1
    Before the trip

    Always check our official website

    It is full of the latest information.
    Also check our official Facebook page!

  • 2
    During the trip

    Do not rush, relax

    Enjoy a relaxing time.
    Waiting for a train is also fun.

  • 3
    During the trip

    Check the color of the vehicle

    Each Akita Nairiku Line vehicle has a different color. A vehicle with red stripes on a white body is the lucky vehicle.

  • 4
    During the trip

    Experience four seasons and five cultures

    The seasons are cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowscapes. The cultures are Samurai culture, Satoyama culture, Matagi culture, mining culture, and Jomon culture.

  • 5
    During the trip

    Dine in the restaurant Koguma-tei

    They have menus featuring local ingredients along the railway. Also, they provide a relaxing time and service with the country air, taste, and hospitality of Akita.

  • 6
    During the trip

    Enjoy sightseeing from train windows in all directions

    Enjoy views not only from the windows of your seat, but also from the other side, front, and back windows. A single-car train has a 360-degree field of view! It is like the Akita's Satoyama theater.

  • 7
    During the trip

    Enjoy stations and towns

    Enjoy the air around a station and its surroundings.
    The Aniai walk is especially recommended.

  • 8
    During the trip

    Feel the "Akita Nairiku Line identity" at unmanned stations

    Ask our crew about the "recommended stations.

  • 9
    During the trip

    Wave your hand

    Wave to a train. Wave from a train. It is an everyday scenery along the railway which makes everyone smile!

  • 10
    After the trip

    Post your experience on SNS

    Share your photos with comments on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs!