The 10 benefits of a trip that make you happy

  • 1

    Your trip will be
    even more fulfilling

    The most important factor for a successful trip is preparation. Where to go, what to eat... detailed planning will make your trip more fun! The Akita Nairiku Line website provides useful information, including travel tips.

  • 2

    Improve mindfulness

    You will notice that the pace is different. Traveling on the Nairiku line will remind you to slow down and not live life so fast. Do not rush and enjoy the moment. The next train will not come immediately anyway.

  • 3

    Enhance color awareness

    There are only eight cars on the Nairiku Line. However, there are no vehicles with the same color. One car, the lucky one with red stripes, and seven vehicles all with different colors including red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, light blue, navy blue, and purple. Which vehicle will you encounter?

  • 4

    Stimulate creativity

    You may come up with new ideas by experiencing different climates and culture which is different from your everyday life. You will discover different cultures and lifestyles in each season.

  • 5

    Discover unique cuisine

    Food is one of the most important elements of a trip! How about western cuisine in the middle of a mountain valley?
    Be careful not to overeat with all the delicious food choices!

  • 6

    Build physical strength

    There is no time to sit still because there are many spectacular views to enjoy! From Kakunodate to Takanosu, the local train's end-to-end trip takes almost two and a half hours. You will be busy moving around, enjoying the moment.

  • 7

    Explore Akita

    Even taking a short walk makes you realize that "this is Akita." The fresh air, tranquil scenery, and peaceful landscape in front of the station... The sound of the local dialect welcomes you. Enjoy one of the many small shops to get a glimpse into their lifestyle.

  • 8

    Become an "Eki-tetsu"
    (station expert)

    You will also be a Nairiku Line master once you hear all the tips and information from our crew.

  • 9

    Makes you smile

    Try waving when you see a train, it may respond with a toot of the whistle! You will notice that you are smiling, that is why Nairiku Line is called "Smile Rail." Such experiences refresh your mind and body.

  • 10

    Strengthen friendships

    Share your fun experiences and happy memories on social media. Share your joyful journey with your friends!!