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Smile Rail Akita Nairiku Line

There are people waiting for you.

Akita Nairiku Line is supported by warm-hearted reliable locals.
They hope to make visitors smile.
They hope visitors go home with a smile and come visit them again.
We would like to introduce such people who are "waiting for you."

We welcome you from the fields!

Ruriko Saito, Saito Farm

The green onion fields at Saito Farm are located along the railroad between Saimyoji Station and Yatsu Station.

When trains pass by and I am working in the field, I always wave my hand. This is how I provide my hospitality as a person living along the railway to passengers on the Nairiku Line.

Although this is the only thing I can do, I would like to express my hospitality, and I would be happy if people who see me could also feel the same, even if a little.

It's only for a moment, but it's an important "once-in-a-lifetime meeting" for me.

"Thank you for coming!"

Wakuwaku MarketMs. Junko Suzuki, Ms. Fumiko Uesugi, Ms. Katsuko Nakajima,
and Ms. Junko Suzuki (from the left)

Wakuwaku Market is a farm stand managed by sixteen local volunteers located in Nishiki Town Paper Balloon Square near Kamihinokinai Station.

We make and sell processed products ourselves. It's great to be able to provide what we make to our customers.

If we speak in our dialect, customers coming from outside the prefecture seem to be pleased and tell us "We wanted to hear it!" Be sure to enjoy shopping and talking with us.

Let's walk Aniai together

Aniai Strolling Guide Takashi Toshima

"Aniai Strolling Guide" holds tours for visiting local historical sites, shrines and temples.

The Ani mine once flourished as one of the three largest mines in Japan. As many people moved here from all over the country, six temples of different denominations were built and this rare area still remains today.

We want to share the history of Aniai with many people.

Our motivation comes from our customers' feedback such as "I'm glad that I participated."

We would love to hear "I will visit you again" from you!

As if you are coming back to your hometown

Akita Nairiku Line Attendant Yoshiko Hashimoto

I work as an attendant everyday on the train to show the charms of the Nairiku Line to as many people as possible, and want them to like Akita.

I love the Nairiku Line myself, so I would like to share with our customers what I have learned and was moved by through this work.

Although we can only provide pristine service, we will guide you in a warm atmosphere unique to the countryside.

Listen to our Akita dialect, check out the seasonal scenery, and spend a relaxing time.