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Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei

Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei

"Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei" which is located in Aniai station has the motto "well-loved and familiar hospitality," and is closely connected to the local community.
They are particular about local products and offer meals using ingredients from Akita, Kitaakita City, and Semboku City.
The restaurant is built almost entirely out of wood, creating a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your meal.

They serve coffee, soft ice cream and more. The mini parfait with sweet and sour raspberry from Kamihinokinai, Semboku City is especially popular.

TEL: 0186-82-3666
Business days
Mon., Thu.-Sun. (Tue., Wed. are regular days off)
Business hours
11:00-15:00 (Last order 14:45)

Click here for Koguma-tei's Menu