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Smile Rail Akita Nairiku Line

Enjoy a pleasant round trip with the scenery and meals along the railway

Recommended Tickets

Weekdays Weekday one-day pass Nairiku Line one-day unlimited ride! Adults: 2,500 yen
Children: 1,250 yen
Holidays Holiday one-day pass Type B
+One-way express fare=1,320 yen
(Children: 660 yen)
One-day unlimited ride between Kakunodate and Aniai! Adults: 1,000 yen
Children: 500 yen


If you are coming from the direction of Tokyo

  • get off at JR Kakunodate Station (Shinkansen Komachi 3 from Morioka, Sendai, and Tokyo arrives at 10:39)

Depart Kakunodate at 11:05 Express Moriyoshi 2

Go through the ticket gate at JR Kakunodate Station, turn right at the exit, and go straight. You will see the Nairiku Line ticket window.

  • The signboard of the Korean drama "IRIS" is the landmark!
  • An exciting journey begins!

Nairiku Line

Junidan Tunnel

The tunnel runs through the "Junidan Pass," which is at the boundary of Kitaakita City and Semboku City. The total distance is 5,697m, the longest in Akita Prefecture.
There are no curves in the tunnel, just a straight line.
Near the peak of the slope, there is a moment when you can see the entrance and exit at the same time for a few seconds.
If you make a wish at this time...

  • Junidan Tunnel entrance
  • When you see the exit, turn around immediately!

Nairiku Line

Omatagawa Bridge

A truss iron bridge in between Okashinai and Kayakusa.
One of the most scenic spots along the railway, which appears in many advertising photos of the Nairiku line.
During daytime hours in normal operation, you will have enough time to enjoy the scenery because the train slows down as part of its service.

  • The best view of Nairiku Line!

Nairiku Line


Arrive at Aniai at 12:15


Pick and choose favorite place for lunch!

  • Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei

    A restaurant located inside the Aniai Station.
    Relish in specialty menus using locally produced ingredients at a reasonable price.
    Our head chef wearing a bear T-shirt is awaiting your visit.

    Regular days off: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  • Fureai Shop Himawari

    A farmer's stand in front of Aniai Station.
    The stand sells locally produced vegetables and handmade goodies. It is interesting to just look at them.
    You can eat snacks such as Soba or Udon noodles and rice bowls. Try their "Buta don (Pork rice bowl)"!

    Regular days off: Thursdays and Sundays

  • Banrai Sushi

    A small but cozy place. You can have authentic Sushi in a mountain village of Aniai.
    Lunch menu only served on Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Regular days off: Mondays


  • Ani Ijinkan

    It was built as the residence of a German engineer who was invited to teach mining development in 1879.
    You can feel the exotic atmosphere with its Renaissance style-like form.

  • Denshokan

    A small folklore museum that conveys the history and culture of Ani area which flourished in mines for future generations.
    Mineral specimens which were mined from the Ani mine are displayed in the museum. Not only that, it also exhibits Ani's local folklore such as "Nekko Bangaku.

    Closed: Mondays and New Year holidays. *If it is a holiday, the following day will be closed. Closed from December 29th to January 3rd.

    If you are interested in looking at train cars, check out the rail yard of Nairiku Line at the back of Denshokan.
    *Note: Please do not go too close and keep safe distance from tracks!


Depart Aniai at 13:43 → Arrive at Kakunodate at 15:10

If you are going back towards Tokyo

transfer to JR Kakunodate Station, Shinkansen Komachi 34 bound for Morioka, Sendai and Tokyo departing at 15:51