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Smile Rail Akita Nairiku Line

Get into the Matagi hot spring bath and discover Matagi

Recommended Tickets

Yukemuri Coupon Ticket
(Kakunodate to Ani-Matagi)
+Round-trip express fare=1,280 yen
(Children: 640 yen)
  • -Go to the Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu hot spring to get your trip back for free! (Please show your ticket at the hot spring reception counter and get a stamp.)
  • -Hot spring admission fees are not included. However, you will get a discount by showing your ticket.
Hot spring admission fee for adults: 600 yen children: 200 yen


If you are coming from the direction of Tokyo

  • get off at JR Kakunodate Station (Shinkansen Komachi 3 from Morioka, Sendai, and Tokyo arrives at 10:39)

Depart Kakunodate at 11:05 Express Moriyoshi 2

Before getting on the train, we recommend you:
(1) Buy lunch at NEWDAYS next to the JR Kakunodate Station (the Express Moriyoshi sells sweets, drinks, souvenirs, and original goods for in-car sales).

(2) Make a reservation for the Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu shuttle bus (the shuttle will be at Ani-Matagi Station on your arrival. Reservations can be made for one person!)

Go through the ticket gate at JR Kakunodate Station, turn right at the exit, and go straight. You will see the Nairiku Line ticket window.

  • The signboard of the Korean drama "IRIS" is the landmark!
  • An exciting journey begins!

Nairiku Line

Junidan Tunnel

The tunnel runs through the "Junidan Pass," which is at the boundary of Kitaakita City and Semboku City. The total distance is 5,697m, the longest in Akita Prefecture.
There are no curves in the tunnel, just a straight line.
Near the peak of the slope, there is a moment when you can see the entrance and exit at the same time for a few seconds.
If you make a wish at this time...

  • Junidan Tunnel entrance
  • When you see the exit, turn around immediately!

Nairiku Line


Arrive at Ani-Matagi at 11:50

Protecting Ani-Matagi Station? The Matagi statue which was sculptured with a chainsaw welcomes you.
Take a shuttle bus waiting in front of the station. It will take you to the Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu in about ten minutes.

shuttle bus

  • Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu

    Enjoy a 100% natural hot spring which warms you up to the marrow.

    As it is expected in the "Matagi village," hot water comes out of the bear's mouth.


Discover "Matagi" at the Matagi Museum

The "Matagi" are hunters who hunt bears and other animals in deep mountains for a living.
In particular, the Ani region of Akita Prefecture is known nationwide as a village of Matagi.
The Matagi Museum, which is attached to the Utto Onsen Matagi-no-Yu, exhibits Matagi's costumes and hunting tools, and you will be able to learn about the culture rooted in its area.

shuttle busortaxi

Go to Ani-Matagi Station by a shuttle bus


Depart Ani-Matagi at 15:53 Express Moriyoshi 3 → Arrive at Kakunodate at 16:35

If you are going back towards Tokyo

transfer to JR Kakunodate Station, Shinkansen Komachi 38 bound for Morioka, Sendai and Tokyo departing at 16:58