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The best landscapes seen from a train window selected by drivers

The best landscapes seen from a train window selected by drivers, "Spring Color"- presenting fresh green view spots!

Thank you for always supporting Akita Nairiku Line.
The best landscapes seen from a train window selected by drivers, "Spring Color"
We would like to present superb view spots of fresh green.

1. From Saimyoji to Yatsu Station

Straight railway track! Beautiful paddy fields on both sides. It is about time to start planting rice sprouts.

2. The first train leaving Kakunodate at 5:12 bound for Aniai

It was as if it were my private train for a while.

3. From Ugo-Nagatoro to Matsuba, "Superb view of Mt. Oushi"

Beautiful combination of fresh green and remaining snow on the mountain.

4. From Matsuba to Ugo-Nakazato

Haze hanging over the mountains and greenery!

5. From Ugo-Nakazato to Sadori

Sprouts emerging in the trees on the riverbank.

6. From Sadori to Kamihinokinai

The snowmelt run-off seems to have settled.

7. From Sadori to Kamihinokinai

Wild cherry trees blooming here and there.

8. Trains interchange at Kamihinokinai!

A tractor waiting for farm work. It is about time for local farmers to get busy.

9. From Tozawa to Ani-Matagi

Mountain areas also started to be covered with greenery.

10. From Tozawa to Ani-Matagi

Onimatazawa Tunnel entrance and the lingering snow.

11. The tunnel you see up front is "Junidan Tunnel" with its length of 5,697m long

12. Arrive at Ani-Matagi Station. At the back of platform, you can find picturesque sceneries of nostalgia with a small suspension bridge and cherry blossom trees

13. From Okuani to Hitachinai

The snowmelt run-off and small waterfalls.

14. From Okuani to Hitachinai

Great view from Hitachinai Bridge!

15. From Iwanome to Okashinai

Great view from Torisaka Bridge!

16. At Okashinai Station, weeping cherry trees at the parking lot are beautiful